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1. Series 2 - Beast Lords: Zynda

1. Series 2 - Beast Lords: Zynda (lynx)

Asin: B00005U2GX
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Editorial Review

Born from the swirling tides, Zynda comes forth in feline form. This action figure is beautifully sculpted, cleanly painted, sports 13 points of articulation for easy posing, and has ball joints in her legs that allow her to stand on her own or on the included base. Zynda's interchangeable heads easily pop on and off, giving her the option of looking bemused or angry. Accessories include a dagger and several swords, which fit nicely in her paws, and a collector trading card with a password that allows access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Realm of the Claw. --A. Galindo ... Read more

Reviews (3)

4-0 out of 5 stars Excellent figure but...
I picked up all 6 Realm of the Claw figures yesterday after a friend showed them off to me.Very impressive.Zynda is quite detailed.The weapons fit well in the hands with the possible exception of the dagger.I'm not sure if this was intended to hang on the belt only or not but I have yet to find a position in the hand where it works where the thumb fits into the wrist guard.I also am somewhat perplexed as to why all the males of the group have ball joints for the shoulders and the females do not.Possibly because these figures are smaller?At any rate this limits the range of movements onher arms ... for getting some nice poses.
Finally, and this is my biggest gripe.That stand that the figure stands on is nothing short of terrible.I spent 15 minutes trying to find a pose and a stance that didn't make it fall of the stand.The end result was some weird stance that looked a bit suggestive ;-)
The reason?It's a combination of both the figure and the stand.The figure itself's legs have a second joint (Angle not a real joint) that makes the figure LOOK more feline-ish.That's all well and fine but it makes the weight distribution uneven.Now add to the fact that the stand is not level with the left foot uphill and you have a very unstable figure.SO much so that last night the figure fell off my desk and the foot broke off. >:-( Fortunately I was able to exchange it but now I have a In a perfect world the intended pose on the stand would have been sweet.But it didn't work.

All in all Zynda is a good figure with a few small issues the biggest being the stand.I solved this problem with rubber glue to the bottom of the paws and sticking it on the stand.Still removable but she's on there tight.

5-0 out of 5 stars Zynda is gorgeous.
Zynda is my favorite from the Realm of the Claw series.Her "peaceful" face is so beautiful and sweet- HOW can she be evil? Her "snarling" face is great too, very expressive and subtle. I love her. I am getting an extra one just to carry around all the time.

5-0 out of 5 stars Strange Stance.
This figure is fantastic, quite as good as the other figures but not as good a Sabyr. :)
The detail is fantastic and Zynda sports some nice Amazon Warrior Woman armour, reminicent of Ancient Greek battle-dress.
The two large Swords fit very well in her paws and also fit nicely on the straps attached to her back, the small cutlass cannot be held in either hand, but can be hung nicely on a hook attached to her skirt.
The detail is fantastic and like the other figures, second to none, but some work could have been done to make the base a little more flat, so Zynda can stand a little more upright...
other than that, a very detailed figure with a nice, historic look to it and a very good level of durability. ... Read more

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